Baked Daily



Our artisan breads are baked fresh every day and are made with the highest quality ingredients. We use long fermentation times to develop the best possible flavor. We feel blessed by what each season brings and attempt to use them creatively in our breads.

To name a few of our top sellers:

Country Wheat

Light Rye





We accept pre-orders of bread with three days advance notice and prepayment. You may place an order in person or by calling (517) 575-6717. Bread orders may be picked up daily after 9am.

our european Loaves

We make our breads using the highest quality ingredients, and the foundation of our loaves are simply flour, water and salt. Practically all of our loaves are made with a pre-existing ferment (or sourdough culture) allowing for a slow, naturally leavened dough. This contributes to more flavor and structure of each and every loaf directly from our radiant stone hearth. We won't sacrifice taste by rushing the process, and believe that the hours and craftsmanship invested are worth the wait. 

our Pan Loaves

Most of our breads are baked without a vessel, directly on a hearth stone. This allows for even heat exposure and freedom of shape. However, some prefer the shape of a loaf baked in a pan, whether it's for slicing toast or sandwich bread. The use of loaf pans is a good method for dealing with more recalcitrant doughs that may not take shape as easily.